Frequently Asked Questions:

Ordering and Payments:

Cake Ordering and Pricing

The available flavor combinations listed on our website are suggested flavor combos. You can technically select any cake base, filling, icing, and toppings. Filling and toppings are added at an additional cost (really depends what you’re asking for). Also, extra toppings are subject to what is in inventory/time I have to make them before the order is expected.

Fondant Cakes:

I prefer not to use fondant on cakes for a few reasons.

1)    It is time consuming to make it from scratch, so it will most likely be store bought.

2)    It does not taste good.

3)    Usually is thrown away (and I would like to avoid this waste).

4)    It is time consuming to work with and incurs additional labor charges to you.

If you still would like a fondant cake after considering all of the above, and it seems like something I can do, I will work with your request. Be patient with the results as I am always developing my abilities.  

How do I place an order?

You can order directly from our website on the Order tab. Prices, quantities, flavors, and serving sizes are listed on this tab.

We require a 48 hour notice on all single item orders or any flavor combination listed on our website. (We may be able to make exceptions. Please email us if you’re in a pinch to see what we can do.)

If you are ordering 50 or more standard cupcakes, 100 or more mini cupcakes, or a super custom order that is not listed on the website, please give us a minimum of two week notice.

Optional: There is a comments section during checkout. You can put any information regarding the order in this box. It’ll help me know who the cake is for and decide how I can decorate it to fit the occasion/theme/gender/etc.

How do I place a custom order?

To place custom orders, please go to the Contact tab and fill out the form. Fill out all the relevant information and we’ll reply as soon as we are able to.  

What is a “custom” order?

A custom order can be when you want:

·  A cake/cupcakes with a special design

·  A flavor combination that is not listed on our website

·  Large orders of cupcakes that are over a dozen but not in a dozen count (i.e. 100 cupcakes)

·  Anything not listed on our website

How do I pay for orders I don’t pay for on the website?

For any orders that you do not pay for directly on, we’ll send you an invoice which you pay online. There will be a Due Date listed on that invoice. To ensure your order is reserved for your desired date, please pay the invoice by that Due Date. All cakes/cupcakes are made to order, so the payment is to secure your order. Failure to pay by the Due Date can mean your order won’t be processed (especially on busy weekends).

Customers with paid Invoices get priority over those with Unpaid Invoices. So, even if you place your order/contact us early, make your payment as soon as possible to reserve your date.

This Payment System also applies to our Pop Up Invoices.

I’ve ordered, now what? 

After you place an order:

We will contact you after you place an order online. Depending on your desired pickup/delivery date, we will work with you at that time to schedule a pickup/delivery time.

What are pickup/delivery hours?

A little background: Vegan East is run by me, Sheila - the Baker. My husband Reid helps with deliveries as well. I make everything from our home kitchen. I also work a part time job Wednesday through Friday. We’ll work with you and try our best to coordinate a pickup or delivery time that works best for everyone. 

Where do I pick up from? 

We are located in a residential area. We usually try to be at the door when you arrive. If we are not, please ring the doorbell.

We are located at the address below.

1874 Maryland Ave E

St. Paul, MN 55119 

How do I transport cake and cupcake boxes?

You are carrying precious cargo – carry with CAUTION.

When carrying cake and cupcake boxes, please use both hands and carry on both “sides” of the box.

Keep the box leveled.

If you carry the cupcake box on the bottom/middle, you risk tipping the cupcakes out of the inserts on the inside.

When transporting the box in your car, place them on the most level area. Keep them secure and make sure they don’t have room to slide around.

I’ve picked up a cake/cupcakes, how do I store it? 

How do I store my cake/cupcakes?

All cakes and cupcakes can be stored at room temperature (preferably 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit). Alternatively, they can also be stored in the fridge in the box they came in or an airtight container.

During cooler months, you can keep them in a cold basement or on the counter (if your house is kept pretty cool). During warmer months, it’s highly recommended they are kept in the fridge - take them out and let them come to room temperature before consuming.

How do I know when the cake is ready to be eaten?

Cake and cupcakes tastes best when served at room temperature. The frosting is stiff and hard when it's refrigerated. 

How do I know when it’s at room temperature?

A good rule of thumb is to poke the cake with your finger. If the frosting is soft when you poke it, it is ready to be served. (Take it out approximately 30 minutes before you plan to serve it.)

Can I freeze a cake or cupcakes?

If you’d like to freeze a cake/cupcake, place it in the freezer until it’s frozen. Then take it out, wrap it up and place it in an airtight container.  It can last a couple months in the freezer. Thaw completely before consuming. The frosting or filling maybe not be 100% the same due to the freezing and thawing process.

A little about me and Vegan East’s beginning:

My name is Sheila. I am the baker behind Vegan East goodies. My husband, Reid, also helps out with deliveries and other aspects of the business. I started baking 4-5 years ago for friends and family. It was something fun to experiment with. My early decorating skills were basically none and my sister still reminds me of how far along I’ve come. Reid and I became vegetarians July of 2015 and then became vegans July of 2016. Shortly after we became vegetarians, I decided to convert all my recipes to vegan recipes, just to see if I could still make something good. Through a lot of trial and error, I finally found something that worked for me.

Vegfest in October of 2016 is actually when we first launched/started promoting Vegan East. Huge success for us at Vegfest. We sold out in a few hours both days we were there. I had no idea how big of a hit these would be with our community. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and who continue to support us.

My goal for Vegan East is to provide something delicious for transitioning vegans/vegetarians and potentially convert non vegans/vegetarians to experience something great. You can still have a delicious cake or cupcake, cruelty free. Our cupcakes are not healthy by any means, but it’s one stepping stone to helping people cross over. The longer I am vegan, I truly feel the better food choices I make. I can see Vegan East making healthier options down the line.

I also work a part time city job doing administrative work. So, when I’m not baking, I’m administrating. We try our best to make pick-ups and deliveries work with everyone’s schedule. So, please be patient with us, we do appreciate it.

In closing, I would like to thank all our supporters and our community. Without you guys I would not be able to live the dream. Baking for hours and days on in can be so exhausting, but every now and then I get little “thank you” reminders and it makes it all worth it. In the end, when I’m able to provide something that people think is amazing, it’s gives me that much more motivation to move forward. So, thank you to everyone who takes the time to give us shout outs and thank yous. It means more than you could ever imagine. I hope I can continue to provide these goodies and expand my skills along the way. I am always experimenting and developing my cake decorating skills, so please forgive any imperfections. I thank you for allowing me to work and develop as I make your orders. Love, light, and peace to all <3 .