Position: Back of House Manager/Baker

Location: White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Wage: $15 + tips

Schedule: Tu-Sa (6:00am-2:30pm) or Tu-Fr, Su (6:00am-2:30pm)

Duties include the following:

* Manage back of house employees: Create schedule, update sick call in log, find coverage for shifts

* Manage Inventory Levels: Keep an eye out for low stock, let store manager know what supplies and quantities need to be ordered (ex: cranberries, flour, sugars, chocolate chips, etc)

* Manage stock of store goods and make sure we always have items on hand (ex: quiche, cheesecake, raspberry filling, caramel sauce, cookies, etc). Create evening To Do List for evening shift based on inventory stock. 

* Morning/opening shift operations: Delegate as well as participate in baking all baked goods for the day (cupcakes, cookies, muffins, brownies, cinnamon rolls, icing cupcakes).

* Check cake orders for the next day/week. Create a bake list, delegate or make cakes

In summary, this role will be reporting to the Store Manager. All the back of house staff will report to the Back of House Manager. This team member will be responsible for scheduling shifts, handling vacation requests, and finding coverage for people who call in sick. This is also a baking position. Manager will open the shop and do the morning bake with the other morning team members. The Back of House Manager will also be responsible for checking store inventory of both the individual ingredients (flours, sugars, etc.) and store goods (cookies, cheesecake, quiche, etc.).

Additional questions can be directed to info@veganeast.com